Unfortunate Premature Delivery

Time is running out. My brother is coming from Muscut on June 25th and he need the Gypsy for his one month stay. Mr Babu Reddy (Garrage owner of Fast Wheels, Yelahanka) couldn’t make any commitment on delivery. I have asked his painter ‘how many days would it take for painting’. He said ‘around 20 days’. If it takes 20 days for painter then it would take 2 months for Reddy!

I’m totally disappointed and frustrated by Reddy’s attitude. I’m not a good negotiator, bargainer or even a good verbal communicator. I don’t even have the skill of shouting loud with holy words! I have reminded Mr Reddy of being the 20th June deadline for delivery. Still no assurance of delivery from him. As a last resort I politely told him that I’ll take delivery without painting and come back after 2 months. For my surprise Reddy agreed!

All this happened one week ago (on June 1st) and today I took the delivery  and settled full bill.

Total Bill amount is Rs 1,58,500. This includes 45K for Engine overhaul, 20K body exchange work, 30K for suspension, carburetor, clutch, alternator overhaul. 10K for used Subros AC compressor with condenser of M-800. 8K for Indica seat (both front set and rear  seat) Didn’t bargain too much, but asked for some discount for old AC compressor. Finally the bill was settled for Rs1,55,000.

Reddy quoted around 50K for full paint job with under body coating. He promised 1st free service after 1K KM. Overall, almost 1 lakh was labor charges (it was lying in Garage for more than 5 months!)

The next challenge is to get the FC renewed as it has already expired. I’m not sure if it possible to renew it without painting. Gypsy is fit mechanically , but will it satisfy RTO inspector?

Will contact my RTO agent and take a chance!



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