status of madikero-sampaje ghat road near Jodupala

Status of Madikeri Sampaje Ghat Road

I wanted to go home (Kasaragod) last month, but could not go due to closed roads. Shiradi Ghat¬† (Mangalore¬†Bangalore highway) and Sampaje ghat (Mysore- Mani highway NH 275) were closed due to massive landslide after ‘flood of the century’ in Coorg and Kerala

Recently both ghat roads are opened for light motor vehicles, so I took a chance.

The Madikeri Ghat road has been made ‘one-way’ for the time being. So, if you want to go to Mangalore, you have to take left-turn towards Virajpete and connect to Mangalore highway through Bhagamandala/Talakaveri road. That’s around 5km extra drive.


Maximum damages took place near Jodupala waterfalls. I have taken 360 degree video. Surprisingly, lots of people are coming here just to watch the disaster. Not many people are bothered about raising fuel price!

I think these damages simply cannot happen due to excessive rain and resulting flooding. This area always gets lots of rain every year. Perhaps earthquake was the reason?