Cauvery Sannidhi Resort & Visit to Mysuru

Cauvery Sannidhi Resort & Visit to Mysuru

I came to Bangalore in 2007 and been a Bangalorean for almost 2 decades. Since I work from home I have no practical reason to stay in Bengaluru, except few metro city benefits. I was thinking of saying ‘goodbye to Bangalore’ for some time.

Cauvery Sannidhi -Enjoying nice time with family

Mysuru was shortlisted for couple of reasons. First, it is almost 150 km shorter to my home town Kasaragod; secondly, it is less crowded and least polluted.  Since I already have a residential plot in Yelahanka, I decided to explore some apartments in Mysore.

I booked at Cauvery Sannidhi Resort through TravelGuru for 2 days. I paid Rs 4200. The tariff is inclusive of all the meals; hence it is worth.

How to Reach?

It is a tricky place to reach, especially if you relay on Google Maps!

Google maps shows us wrong route. It takes you to ‘Hotel Mayura River View’ which is located at another side of the river.

To reach Cauvery Sannidhi, you must continue till ‘Paschimavahini Circle’ (if you are coming from Bangalore) and take left turn. Taking right turn here takes you towards KRS/Madikeri road.

I have taken screenshot of Google maps and highlighted correct route. There is a hoarding for ‘Young Island Resort’ here.

Cauveri Sannidhi Resort Review

Cauvery Sannidhi means “near to Kaveri River” in kannada. That’s exactly what you get here. This is not a resort, but more like home stay or farm house stay.

This is a private farm of an agricultural scientist who grows plants of fruits and vegetables. There is a Gurukulam for underprivileged girls and a Yoga training center for foreign yoga teachers!

Meet Mr. Kuldeep, the superman

A supervisor named Kuldeep acts as attender, manager, chef and servant – very humble & active!

Kuldeep, second from left

All the meals are included in the package. They only serve pure veg dishes without added chemical colors and additives. Junk-foodies may not like their menu.

Rooms are reasonably clean & hygienic. Don’t expect bathroom fittings, fans, lights and hot water connection to work properly! This is not a professionally managed place. Visit the place only to experience refreshment of mind and body.

Overall kids enjoyed playing with Kaveri water flow. It is February end; hence water current was moderately low, but enough to soak our body.

How they make jaggery?

Close to Cauvery Sannidhi there is a mini sugarcane factory where they make jaggery by boiling sugarcane juice.

Making jaggery from sugarcane juice

Watch the short video….

We checked few apartment project around Mysore outskirts, but did not like any. I decided to come back again later.