Living For Gypsy?

A wise man told me that he is “living for” his wife than “living with” wife. Similarly many gypsy owners spend lot of time “for gypsy” than “doing with gypsy”. The same case with me. I have probably spent more time for gypsy than enjoying it on the road!

Too many excuses for abnormal delay. Hence I’m going to sum it up in brief.

After looking at body shell the tinkering man suggested it would be better a buy a decent body than to repair it. He opined that the cost of labor and metal would be too much to justify repairing. After some deliberation I too okayed the idea.

Hunt for Gypsy body begins now. I found 3-4 old Gypsies on Karnataka Panchayt Raj department through a dealer. The white Gypsy with gray hard top looked decent. The deal was fixed for 75K. Unfortunately I missed the deal due to delay.

Fortunately, a week later this ex-airforce 410W gypsy was found.

The deal was finally negotiated for 65K. As part of the deal I got full body shell, hard top, fuel tank, radiator and all the electrical components. I also negotiated for 4 original discs (steel rim without Tyre)

It was finally towed from Shivaji Nagar to Yelahanka garrage. Hoping for the best I went to home and then to Yercaud (Salem, TN) for small break.

After 10 days, this is the status.

The body has been transformed to my Gypsy

This is how skinless MG410 appears

And finally my old body shell has became orphan on footpath!

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