Installed Tacho RPM Meter

A Tachometer is very common in modern cars along with speed & ODO meter. Even after 30 years Maruti is not providing a Tachometer in Gypsy.

Here is the picture of Gypsy King instrument panel manufactured by an Indian company called Pricol.

Left dial is for speed & ODO. Right dial is for fuel & temperature gauge. There is also couple of indicator for 4 wheel drive & headlight high-beam

The center panel is for warning indicators.

Below is the picture of instrument panel found in Jimny, Samurai & Sierra. I believe that this panel is also manufactured by same Pricol company. Surprisingly Maruti Suzuki is not giving us this instrument panel in India.

There is a Tachometer in it! The design of this instrument panel has been modified to accommodate large RPM meter. In this design warning indicator panel has been pushed down (below the dial)

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Even if you get this panel in India, you won’t be able to use it easily though size & screw position appears to be the same. You will have to hack the wiring, not an easy DIF job!

I wanted one for my Gypsy, so did some research online and watched few videos on Youtube. It is actually very easy to install an aftermarket tachometer for petrol engine. Tachometer counts pulses from ignition coil.

Bought this from Amazon for around Rs1100 (now the price is around 1700!)

It was delivered to me after a week, but  just 2 days before my brother arrived to Bangalore with Gypsy. Next day I installed it.

I extended the green with a red wire. Pic quality sucks

There are 5 wires in this tachometer. You should connect the the “green wire” to ignition coil’s negative pole only. Red wire from the meter should go to your Ignition connection, the black wire is for negative (ground). There are 2  more thin wires meant for illumination. You can connect it to parking light. I connected illumination to ignition directly. Hence it illuminates when I turn ignition key on.

Here is the final output.

This Tachometer looks good on Gypsy dashboard!

According to Samurai’s service manual the ideal RPM should be between 750-850 when warm.

Some strange behaviors observed

My cold idling speed is around 600 (I kept it low) and goes upto 800 once it is warm. However, when there is battery load through alternator RPM comes down to 600 range. There is a idle-up solenoid switch in carburetor which seems to be not working. RPM shouldn’t drop when there is load on Engine. Is this a problem or feature? … will have to findout later.

Want to learn in detail? Watch the video below


2 thoughts on “Installed Tacho RPM Meter

  • October 29, 2018 at 9:06 am

    hi can you show me the wiring of installing a tacho on gypsy mpfi.
    i do not seem to find the ignition coil

    • October 31, 2018 at 11:43 am

      Normally it is located on the left hand side of the firewall. Maybe it is cored with a plastic casing (black color) Wiring is easy. Connect red to battery positive, black to ground and green to ignition coil. There may separate wires for backlit, but connected it directly to battery. So the backlight is always on.


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