Independence Day Marathon

Gypsy comes back to Bangalore sooner than anticipated. 4 days of continuous holiday for kids made me to visit home. We traveled by bus on Friday night and reached home Saturday morning. On Monday visited famous Madhur Ganapati Temple  (Madoor Siddivinayaka) in Kasaragod.

A small river (runnel) flows behind the temple mostly during monsoon and completely dries-up in December. When you visit a place, having a proof is important. Here is the selfless selfie!

On Tuesday morning (August 15th) we left home early morning (6.30 AM is early for me 😉 ) Since I had to visit my Mysore Flat I chose Madikeri road (Sampaje Ghat). For breakfast we stopped at Santrupti Restaurant in Sullia (Sulya) Perhaps, this is the only good veg restaurant between Puttur-Madikeri road (Google map location)

The restaurant serves very good veg foods and my daughter Avani loves yummy Masale Dose!

Jodupala Abbikolli Water Fall

For a short break I stopped at Jodupala  water fall. Although I drove through this route numerous times, it was almost 10 years ago that when I last stopped over here!

Water Fall Gallery: Click to enlarge

The break was refreshing & soothing as it was not raining. Watch the short video clip below.

We reached Kengeri around 7PM. Ohh god, it was raining cats and dogs. On NICE road (Kengeri- Tumkur road strech) almost nothing was visible.  As I continued to drive my feet was getting soaked well with all the water seepage.  Hehe, Gypsy is meant for these conditions… we reached Yelahanka home around 8.30 PM.

More than 14 hours of journey was tiring. Indeed I was very tired but  couldn’t sleep sooner as I was still hearing Gypsy’s drrrrrroooooooommmmmm sound even after closing eyes!

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