Gypsy Makeover Done

Never thought that it can take so much time. After months of frustration and missing all the deadlines, Gypsy gets final makeover.

Here is the final render

Interior pics

Gypsy front facing rear seat
Front facing rear seat. Old seat from Omni van has been modified to fit perfectly
Gypsy baby seats
2 foldable baby seats has been installed
Gypsy visits Sri Udaneshvara Temple, Peradala, Kasaragod

Gypy interiorjust before delivery

Now the cost info

I had pay 60k for painting and another 20K for tinkering and miscellaneous works. Probably spent another 20k for some parts and accessories. So, that makes another 100K.

I have managed sell old Mag-wheels for Rs 25K which helped me to cover some cost.

Till date, more than 5 lakh was spent on this Gypsy… am I mad?

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