FC Renewed For 5 Years!

I’m going to document general RTO process of Gypsy fitness certificate renewal. The procedure is almost same for all the vehicles atleast in Bangalore, Karnataka.

When you buy a new vehicle you pay lifetime road tax to the respective state Government in which you register. However, legally your vehicle is valid for 15 years only. After 15 years you have to renew the vehicle fitness certificate and get a new RC book (Smart Card)

This process is relatively easier if your vehicle is in good running condition (both mechanically and physically)  All you have to do is submit a copy of valid insurance cover (third party okay), emission certificate and original RC Book (smart card) Then you have to present your vehicle infront of RTO inspector for physical inspection and verification. Overall it shouldn’t cost more than Rs 1500. Real owner should be present as they ask color photo of the owner infront of vehicle.

There is a penalty if you don’t renew the FC on time. I was told that the penalty amount is minimum Rs 1500 for single day delay and can go up based on duration. I paid Rs 2000 penalty for almost 3 months delay! (Mine was expired on 7/3/17 and I could only send it for renewal on 11/6/17)

What to do if you lost original RC book?

This is where the whole process becomes cumbersome. You must surrender original RC book irrespective of whether it is valid or not! If you have lost it then you have to apply for a duplicate RC (even if it is expired)

If you follow the procedure you can get duplicate RC book for less than Rs300. You have to file a FIR in police station. Police department in Karnataka ask for sworn in affidavit in-front of Notary before registering FIR for lost things. Once the FIR is registered then you can apply for duplicate RC. You should get it within 30 days.

Hold on… there is a BIG problem now!

See, you are applying for duplicate RC (not original!) The RTO gives you original RC, but they stamp “Duplicate” in bold red font just below FC validity date. Now this is not a problem if you are planning to keep the vehicle forever. However, it is certainly a problem if you plan to sell it later. Majority of people simply refuse to buy a vehicle whose RC book officially says “duplicate

So what is the solution?

This is where clever RTO agents make business. They can get original RC book without “duplicate” stamp on it within a day. The price you have to pay maybe too high (3K, 5K or 10K) Personally I paid 3.5K for it. Not all RTO agents can get it done as it involves an element of high risk for the entire syndicate (Agent, RTO staff and staff of private company which is responsible for printing Smart cards). I have friendly relationship with my RTO agent for 10 years, hence he did the favor! Most RTO agents will only help you to get “duplicate” RC book which you can get yourself.

Vehicle Inspection and FC Renewal

My RTO agent inspected the vehicle and asked me to remove the tint film and get vehicle thoroughly washed.

It took more than 3 hours to remove the dark tint film and full body washing. Paid Rs900 for this!

Finally Gypsy is ready for inspection with clear window glass.

Photo of me infront of Gypsy for RTO file (photo of print copy, hence poor quality)

RTO FC renewal challan

Renewal fee 500, Green tax 600, penalty/fine for delay 2000, Smart card fee 157

RTO inspector only checked chassis number and made objection for not painting the body. My agent gave him explanation (saaarrrrr… he already spent so much…….) Finally inspector signed my file and the inspection was over.

Now my Gypsy is roadworthy for another 5 years (untill June 2022)! Actual amount paid to RTO is 3250, but my agent took 6.5K… once again syndicate work!

Overall spent 10K+1K for FC renewal…. and it is worth 🙂

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