Visit to Coimbatore GD Naidu Car Museum

Brother came from Muscut for his annual holiday and came to Mysore. It was raining almost everywhere so I decided that visiting low-rainy places like Coimbatore (Coimbattoor in Kannada and Tamil) would be good idea. I quickly booked Hotel through at ‘Holiday Residency’. It is a hotel, not resort.

We visited GD Naidu (GEE DEE) car museum. Photos taken from my iPhone8. Indoor pics, hence photo quality isn’t great

Isha Foundation & Dhyanalingam

We also visited to Sadguru’s Isha Foundation.  If you are into spirituality this is a must see place in Coimbatore. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev spent massive resources to construct ‘Dhyanalingam‘ and ‘Shiva Statue‘ which was recently inaugurated by PM Modi.

Took a selfie infront of lord Paramatma. Not the best place for selfie!

Below are some more pics.


We travelled on this massive bull cart from Shiva statue to Dhyanalinga temple. Around 500 meters journey took almost 10 minutes. It was drizzling, cold and was a joy ride!

I wanted to touch this Nandi (Desi Bull) but kart operator did not allow

Malampuza Dam

From Coimbatore we went to Palakkad district (Kerala) to see Malampuza Dam (Malapuya, Mayapuza) which is the second largest earth dam in Kerala.

This dam is must visit place if you have kids. Cable car (ropeway) is the main attractions besides toy train. Watch the video below for virtual thrilling experience


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