Back to Home with Family!

We started from home early morning around 5.30 thinking of potential problems and possible break-downs.

Driver, co-driver and 2 passengers

We somehow managed to put this old coir mattress into Gypsy’s rear. Overall, it was a good set-up for kids to sleep, sit, jump and play! (idea courtesy: wife)

Reached Hasana around 8.45 AM.  It took little over 3 hours to cover a distance of 170 KM. It was weekend (Saturday) hence traffic was above normal.

Breakfast at Sri Krishna Bhavan- Hassan

This is located just before Bypass-road circle on the right side (from Bangalore) There weren’t any good veg restaurant on Hassan bypass road earlier. Hence this newly inaugurated Sri Krisha Bhavan is good choice for vegetarians.

Gypsy taking a break on Shiradi Ghat

Shiradi Ghat forest looks beautiful during monsoon. Unfortunately some of them would be gone in few months due to 4 lane work of NH 75 .

A selfie… you can add caption.

You can notice muddy water coming from Kempu Hole dam behind.

The final stretch near home was almost getting ready for Gypsy

The road is though well soaked in rain,  not too bad. Haha, this road is made for Gypsy!

Finally, Gypsy reached home around 2PM. 2 Desi cows at the cattle shed looked at it curiously once and continued their business carelessly!

Total commuted journey is 350KM and time taken is 9 hours with 1 hour break… great cruise 🙂

Some issues noticed:

  1. Minor coolant drops from radiator hose on engine side. Old pipe and weak fastener clamp is the cause.
  2. Some water seepage from all the doors. Known issue as the door doesn’t seal properly.
  3. Lots of water enters from dashboard. Foots are fully washed for free of cost. I will have to figure it out later, but heard that water proofing gypsy is a challenge.

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