status of madikero-sampaje ghat road near Jodupala

Status of Madikeri Sampaje Ghat Road

I wanted to go home (Kasaragod) last month, but could not go due to closed roads. Shiradi Ghat  (Mangalore Bangalore highway) and Sampaje ghat (Mysore- Mani highway NH 275) were closed due to massive landslide after ‘flood of the century’ in Coorg and Kerala

Recently both ghat roads are opened for light motor vehicles, so I took a chance.

The Madikeri Ghat road has been made ‘one-way’ for the time being. So, if you want to go to Mangalore, you have to take left-turn towards Virajpete and connect to Mangalore highway through Bhagamandala/Talakaveri road. That’s around 5km extra drive.


Maximum damages took place near Jodupala waterfalls. I have taken 360 degree video. Surprisingly, lots of people are coming here just to watch the disaster. Not many people are bothered about raising fuel price!

I think these damages simply cannot happen due to excessive rain and resulting flooding. This area always gets lots of rain every year. Perhaps earthquake was the reason?

Visit to Coimbatore GD Naidu Car Museum

Visit to Coimbatore GD Naidu Car Museum

Brother came from Muscut for his annual holiday and came to Mysore. It was raining almost everywhere so I decided that visiting low-rainy places like Coimbatore (Coimbattoor in Kannada and Tamil) would be good idea. I quickly booked Hotel through at ‘Holiday Residency’. It is a hotel, not resort.

We visited GD Naidu (GEE DEE) car museum. Photos taken from my iPhone8. Indoor pics, hence photo quality isn’t great

Isha Foundation & Dhyanalingam

We also visited to Sadguru’s Isha Foundation.  If you are into spirituality this is a must see place in Coimbatore. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev spent massive resources to construct ‘Dhyanalingam‘ and ‘Shiva Statue‘ which was recently inaugurated by PM Modi.

Took a selfie infront of lord Paramatma. Not the best place for selfie!

Below are some more pics.


We travelled on this massive bull cart from Shiva statue to Dhyanalinga temple. Around 500 meters journey took almost 10 minutes. It was drizzling, cold and was a joy ride!

I wanted to touch this Nandi (Desi Bull) but kart operator did not allow

Malampuza Dam

From Coimbatore we went to Palakkad district (Kerala) to see Malampuza Dam (Malapuya, Mayapuza) which is the second largest earth dam in Kerala.

This dam is must visit place if you have kids. Cable car (ropeway) is the main attractions besides toy train. Watch the video below for virtual thrilling experience


Gypsy Makeover Done

Gypsy Makeover Done

Never thought that it can take so much time. After months of frustration and missing all the deadlines, Gypsy gets final makeover.

Here is the final render

Interior pics

Gypsy front facing rear seat
Front facing rear seat. Old seat from Omni van has been modified to fit perfectly
Gypsy baby seats
2 foldable baby seats has been installed
Gypsy visits Sri Udaneshvara Temple, Peradala, Kasaragod

Gypy interiorjust before delivery

Now the cost info

I had pay 60k for painting and another 20K for tinkering and miscellaneous works. Probably spent another 20k for some parts and accessories. So, that makes another 100K.

I have managed sell old Mag-wheels for Rs 25K which helped me to cover some cost.

Till date, more than 5 lakh was spent on this Gypsy… am I mad?

Rain Rain Gone Away

Rain Rain Gone Away

Rain, rain go away….

… and finally it seems like gone!

Bangalorian’s were cursing the record breaking rain which fell during the last month. Thankfully, in north Bangalore we haven’t seen much of flooding. Babu Reddy of Fast Wheels hasn’t shown any interest in completing my Gypsy’s painting. Hence I decided to check my luck on another Garage.

Zukova Automobiles on Vidyranyapura road (Near Nanjappa Circle) is the Garage where the Gypsy is lying now battling for survival. I dropped Gypsy there on first week of September and was promised that it would be done within 20 days. I gave them 10 days more to finish it properly. After almost 3 months the work has barely started!

Rain, Dengue fever for wife and lots of travel between Mysore and Bengaluru made me lose interest on Gypsy all together. Now the whole exercise seems to be unnecessary burden on me.

December 20th is the deadline I set for finishing the work. It would be a miracle if I get it by then. This Garage doesn’t have  a painter on their payroll, instead employs a contract painter. He comes at his own convenient time!

Below is the some working in progress pics

Update of 9/12/2017

Finally, some meaningful progress is taking place at the worst possible time. Zukova’s painter finally appeared and started work. For my surprise, today they finished primer application on the outer body.

Next Tuesday I’m going to Kumta to attend a marriage and will be back on Thursday night only. If they continue working I’ll miss it for 3 days.

Independence Day Marathon

Independence Day Marathon

Gypsy comes back to Bangalore sooner than anticipated. 4 days of continuous holiday for kids made me to visit home. We traveled by bus on Friday night and reached home Saturday morning. On Monday visited famous Madhur Ganapati Temple  (Madoor Siddivinayaka) in Kasaragod.

A small river (runnel) flows behind the temple mostly during monsoon and completely dries-up in December. When you visit a place, having a proof is important. Here is the selfless selfie!

On Tuesday morning (August 15th) we left home early morning (6.30 AM is early for me 😉 ) Since I had to visit my Mysore Flat I chose Madikeri road (Sampaje Ghat). For breakfast we stopped at Santrupti Restaurant in Sullia (Sulya) Perhaps, this is the only good veg restaurant between Puttur-Madikeri road (Google map location)

The restaurant serves very good veg foods and my daughter Avani loves yummy Masale Dose!

Jodupala Abbikolli Water Fall

For a short break I stopped at Jodupala  water fall. Although I drove through this route numerous times, it was almost 10 years ago that when I last stopped over here!

Water Fall Gallery: Click to enlarge

The break was refreshing & soothing as it was not raining. Watch the short video clip below.

We reached Kengeri around 7PM. Ohh god, it was raining cats and dogs. On NICE road (Kengeri- Tumkur road strech) almost nothing was visible.  As I continued to drive my feet was getting soaked well with all the water seepage.  Hehe, Gypsy is meant for these conditions… we reached Yelahanka home around 8.30 PM.

More than 14 hours of journey was tiring. Indeed I was very tired but  couldn’t sleep sooner as I was still hearing Gypsy’s drrrrrroooooooommmmmm sound even after closing eyes!

Installed Tacho RPM Meter

Installed Tacho RPM Meter

A Tachometer is very common in modern cars along with speed & ODO meter. Even after 30 years Maruti is not providing a Tachometer in Gypsy.

Here is the picture of Gypsy King instrument panel manufactured by an Indian company called Pricol.

Left dial is for speed & ODO. Right dial is for fuel & temperature gauge. There is also couple of indicator for 4 wheel drive & headlight high-beam

The center panel is for warning indicators.

Below is the picture of instrument panel found in Jimny, Samurai & Sierra. I believe that this panel is also manufactured by same Pricol company. Surprisingly Maruti Suzuki is not giving us this instrument panel in India.

There is a Tachometer in it! The design of this instrument panel has been modified to accommodate large RPM meter. In this design warning indicator panel has been pushed down (below the dial)

Buy From Amazon

Even if you get this panel in India, you won’t be able to use it easily though size & screw position appears to be the same. You will have to hack the wiring, not an easy DIF job!

I wanted one for my Gypsy, so did some research online and watched few videos on Youtube. It is actually very easy to install an aftermarket tachometer for petrol engine. Tachometer counts pulses from ignition coil.

Bought this from Amazon for around Rs1100 (now the price is around 1700!)

It was delivered to me after a week, but  just 2 days before my brother arrived to Bangalore with Gypsy. Next day I installed it.

I extended the green with a red wire. Pic quality sucks

There are 5 wires in this tachometer. You should connect the the “green wire” to ignition coil’s negative pole only. Red wire from the meter should go to your Ignition connection, the black wire is for negative (ground). There are 2  more thin wires meant for illumination. You can connect it to parking light. I connected illumination to ignition directly. Hence it illuminates when I turn ignition key on.

Here is the final output.

This Tachometer looks good on Gypsy dashboard!

According to Samurai’s service manual the ideal RPM should be between 750-850 when warm.

Some strange behaviors observed

My cold idling speed is around 600 (I kept it low) and goes upto 800 once it is warm. However, when there is battery load through alternator RPM comes down to 600 range. There is a idle-up solenoid switch in carburetor which seems to be not working. RPM shouldn’t drop when there is load on Engine. Is this a problem or feature? … will have to findout later.

Want to learn in detail? Watch the video below